A Shake-Up at the Top of Week 7 Big 12 Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Big 12 Power Rankings Week 7

Now we’re in the elite tier of Big 12 teams. After Saturday, we had to knock Oklahoma State down to the worst 1-loss team. Hey call it unfair, but you can’t give too much credit to an escape of Kansas. Mike Gundy’s team is clearly better than that, and based on how they looked, since we’re nitpicking here, we had to knock them down to No. 5 in the power rankings for this week.

Daxx Garman has looked like a great quarterback throughout most of the season, but Saturday’s game was nearly a wake-up call for him. The fact that he might have a game again like that when he only throws for 161 yards could be a scary thought to many Cowboys fans. Fortunately they proved their defense can step up somewhat when that happens, and the running game is still good, but the quarterback has to be able to step up and play more efficiently than he did in that game. And he has to improve his efficiency quickly.

TCU is the next game for the Cowboys, and it’s on the road. Then Kansas State is in two weeks, and the Cowboys close out the year against Baylor and Oklahoma. If Garman plays like he did last Saturday, they could lose all of those games. They can’t sleep on West Virginia and Texas either.

These rankings could obviously change quickly, but until they look better, they’re our worst 1-loss team.

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