A Shake-Up at the Top of Week 7 Big 12 Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Big 12 Power Rankings Week 7

The Oklahoma Sooners raised questions the same way Oklahoma State did over the weekend by barely escaping Texas. But we’re going to give the Sooners more of a break because let’s be honest, despite having the same record, we all know Texas is the tougher team. And it’s a rivalry, so we won’t hold it against them too harshly.

But, Bob Stoops exposed what we were all suspicious of against Texas. Without saying a word, he admitted through his game plan he has no faith in his quarterback. Of course, he’ll never say that, but we all saw it. Stoops’s faith in Trevor Knight stretched far enough to let him throw 20 times. He never let him throw on crucial plays, though, even at the end. Oklahoma had a chance to clinch the game by converting the first down, and instead of taking that chance, Stoops ran it on third down. He then punted, let his defense get the win, and it proved to be the right call.

But without a reliable quarterback, the Sooners could be in trouble with this Big 12 schedule. Kansas State, Baylor, and Oklahoma State are still up. Sure, they get to play Kansas and Iowa State still, but they also have to go to Texas Tech, and that’s not a guaranteed win. So Oklahoma still has a lot to prove.

And until then, we’re keeping them at this spot or below. They simply don’t have a quarterback to prove us otherwise.

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