Alabama-Texas A&M Highlights Vegas SEC Predictions Week 8

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Saturday Blitz Vegas SEC Predictions Week 8

Furman Paladins at South Carolina Gamecocks

The South Carolina Gamecocks had a much needed bye last week after spending two weeks proving head coach Steve Spurrier right that they’re not a very good team. Now they have had a chance to fix everything and they get a chance to put it on display against the…Furman Paladins??? Um, okay. This is why we need the NCAA to step in, to limit dud games like this. Anyway, the Gamecocks have to get more accuracy from Dylan Thompson and more consistency from the defense. That is what is going to be needed for this team to start winning games, and it needs to start against Furman.

At 2-4, let’s just say Furman needs a miracle to get this win. Or they need everything that is pathetic about South Carolina to come crashing down on them in one game, which is possible. If that happens, and Furman plays its best game all year, they might win. But we’re not about to waste our time with X’s and O’s on how they could win.


It’s a waste of time to explain this as well. South Carolina wins. They win big, they win easy, and they win in a way that will make their fans think they’re back on track. But it’s only against Furman.

South Carolina: 41 Furman: 10

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