Big 12 Power Rankings Week 8: Who’s No. 1 Now?

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Saturday Blitz Big 12 Power Rankings Week 8

Baylor’s loss to West Virginia in Morgantown was not a great loss, but the Mountaineers have proven themselves to be a very good team, and the game was in Morgantown. This team is still up there with the best in the conference, and we’re not going to knock them too harshly after just one game. That is, of course, only if they can get back to winning

The Bears showed once again Saturday they have serious problems on defense, and the offense can be very inconsistent. After looking like a Heisman candidate against TCU, Bryce Petty was nearly useless against the Mountaineers. Despite 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, he completed barely over 40 percent of his passes for only 223 yards. That can’t happen when you’re expected to put up Heisman numbers for your team to win.

And that could be an issue going forward. Fortunately, the Bears have a bye and then play Kansas to regroup a bit. But then comes the trip to Oklahoma. To stay in the playoff race, they have to win that road game. The best news for them is that the final three games, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Kansas State, are all at home. So this team’s season will likely come down to Oklahoma and Kansas State.

We believe this team can pull off both wins, but after last week’s performance, we had no choice but to drop it.

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