Ole Miss-LSU Highlights Vegas SEC Predictions Week 9

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Saturday Blitz Vegas SEC Predictions Week 9

No. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide at Tennessee Volunteers

Line: Alabama by 17

Usually, it’s sad to see a rivalry so one-sided because a certain program is down at some point in the college football season. But that’s the nature of this rivalry. Tennessee has been down for nearly the past decade, and Alabama was down the decade before that. It’s part of the story of the rivalry. Now, it’s heightened on Tennessee’s side with Lane Kiffin coming to town. And as the Vols face the Tide at home, let’s call it what it is. Their only chance is for the offensive line to magically play together despite being young, thin, and now injured. Justin Worley also has to look like a star, and Jalen Hurd and Marlin Lane need to get going. Butch Jones also needs to utilize his skill receivers more and maybe get more of the freshmen involved. The defense hasn’t been bad, but now it gets to be tested.

Alabama and Nick Saban, however, just need to do everything they did last week. Well duh. We might as well have said they need to play a perfect game. But they don’t even need to do that. Blake Sims simply needs to make sure he doesn’t turn the ball over and connect with Amari Cooper, the running game needs to be a huge factor with T.J. Yeldon, and the defense has to suffocate Worley and that young Tennessee offensive line. All of those things will create am Alabama blowout, and let’s be honest, in a rivalry game on the road that’s what they want. Other wise, things could get a little too interesting.


Sorry Vols fans, but after Florida dropped its 10th straight on Tennessee this year, Alabama is about to drop its eighth straight. There is simply nothing to suggest that Tennessee will ever be in this game, so we have the Vols losing pretty badly to an Alabama team that is simply on a roll right now.

Alabama: 45 Tenessee: 17