College Football Playoff Projections Week 9: No Pac 12 or Big Ten Teams in Top 4

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Two weeks into our college football playoff projections, not much has changed since we revealed them last week. Obviously, things will eventually be narrowed down with so many games left to play and 18 Power Five and Independent teams that are either undefeated or have one loss along with another three mid-major programs in the same boat.

We at least have a very good idea of how the playoff is shaping up to be, but all of these teams could be in the discussion. And as many of them play each other and inevitably wear each other down, we will continue to have a good idea over the next few weeks. But last weekend didn’t help us much.

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Unfortunately, as we’re trying our best to stick with only one team per conference, we can’t put a Pac-12 or Big Ten team in our projections yet. That’s because the Big 12 champion appears as if it would be more impressive at this point, although that could change down the road, and who could leave out the top team in the SEC? Then, there are two other teams we just simply can’t deny at this point in the season.

As we do every week, we would like to remind everybody that these are projections based on our Top 25. That means we are basing our Top 4 on where the teams will be at the end of the year after playing each other based on where we ranked them. And our rankings take no margin of victory into account. They take record, head-to-head, quality wins, quality losses, and schedule strength. We are also taking into account that conference champions will get preferential treatment too if they deserve it.

And from there, we’ll go into teams that still control their own destiny in the playoff and then teams that have a shot to make the playoff but need help. This is a very long list right now that should be trimmed down over the next few weeks.

But enjoy what we can do for now as we bring you our Week 9 College Football Playoff Projections.

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