Georgia Bulldogs Choke Again in Blowout Loss to Florida


Players of the Game: Kelvin Taylor- 25 Carries for 197 Yards and 2 Touchdowns; Matt Jones-25 Carries for 192 Yards and 2 Touchdowns; 1 Reception for 12 Yards

I give up. I’m done. It’s over.

For four straight years, I have picked the Georgia Bulldogs to win it all. For four straight years, they have had the team to do it. And for four straight years, they have choked under the bright lights.

Mark Richt’s team fell apart again in the most pathetic way Saturday against a terrible Florida Gators team, losing 38-20. Will Muschamp had a program in disarray. He is probably going to lose his job by the end of the year. But that wasn’t going to happen before he helped Georgia in its yearly quest to blow a shot at the national title.

The Dawgs had everything in front of them. They had avoided Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, and LSU from the West. They were getting Todd Gurley back for Auburn. All they had to do was get past a mediocre Florida team and an overrated Kentucky team.

But like they did earlier in the year against South Carolina, they laid an egg against Florida. And it was a pathetic performance.

Every member of the Georgia defensive line should lose their scholarship after that game. Florida, even with Treon Harris starting at quarterback, is an obvious one-dimensional team. You knew what they were going to do every play, and you couldn’t stop it. Harris threw it a grand total of 6 times in the game. But Florida managed to put up 38 points in the process.

The entire offense was predicated around draw plays from the shotgun. Doing that every drive, Kelvin Taylor and Matt Jones ran it down the Dawgs’ throats. And as Georgia knew what was coming, they couldn’t get a stop.

Yes, the offense struggled. Yes, Nick Chubb was out of character with his fumbles. Yes, the defense was asked to do a little bit more in this game.

But they should have come through. And they couldn’t against the most pathetic offense in the SEC. Florida has a good defense, so to struggle against them is not an embarrassment. To struggle the way they did against the Florida offense is awful.

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  • Seriously, Mark Richt should strip every member of the Georgia defensive line of their scholarship. That wasn’t a joke earlier. They got manhandled all day and embarrassed themselves, getting blown out by Florida. So the Gators had one touchdown off of a fake field goal. How is it that Georgia couldn’t stop them the rest of the day?

    Well, now it seems obvious.

    There’s a curse with Georgia. When they’re in the hunt for a national title, somebody on the team will make an effort to blow it. On Saturday, it was the defensive line.

    And once again, with 2 losses in the weak SEC East, Georgia is likely to be sitting on the sidelines during the national championship. All because they couldn’t beat Florida.

    How embarrassing!