Stefon Diggs for Maryland Stiff-Arms Ref Before the Game


As if

refusing to shake hands with the Penn State Nittany Lions

wasn’t bad enough, the Terps and Nittany Lions broke out into a fight right after that. Then this happened.

As you can see, Maryland Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs stiff-armed a ref and was lucky not to be ejected. To be fair, this was a good call. It was the heat of the moment, and it looked like an accident. It’s nothing to overreact to, and we commend the referee for not trying to take over and immediately eject him.

But Diggs has to be careful in the future. He can’t be the one to let his emotions get the best of him because the Terps desperately need him on offense.

It does look like, though, that the refs decided to carry the tension over to the game after letting them fight early. As of the second quarter, the Terps and Nittany Lions both had more penalty yards than rushing yards.

At least the Terps are doing a good job on the recruiting trail drawing interest to the rivalry. Now, it simply comes down to winning some football games to prove they can play. But the early tension in this one was nonetheless exciting.