Georgia Running Back Todd Gurley Lost for the Season With Torn ACL


It can’t get much worse for Georgia when it comes to bad luck in the Mark Richt era.

Todd Gurley fought to come back to win one for the Dawgs. He wanted to win one for his school, for his coach, and for his teammates. And with a sensational effort in an upset win against Auburn along with the possibility of still getting to the SEC Championship game, he knew his team had a lot to play for.

It was also exciting to finally see what the combination of him and Nick Chubb could do.

But instead of all of that, Gurley, who was injury prone in the past, went down for the season after an injury on a play that tore his ACL, according to reports you can see here.

Admiring Gurley’s courage after missing four games due to a suspension handed down by the NCAA, and now judging in hindsight, it was obviously smarter for Gurley to sit out the year and get healthy for the NFL Draft.

Yes, he wanted to win one for Georgia. But they already had two losses when he was returning and would need a lot of help to get into the College Football Playoff. And it’s Georgia.

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Even with Gurley in the lineup, Georgia would once again prove its ability to lose games it’s supposed to win when a championship or anything good to play for is on the line. That’s been the identity of this team for more than a decade now.

Gurley was not going to change that.

And now, he’s jeopardized his NFL career as well. He jeopardized it for a sport that doesn’t pay him but makes tons of profits off him.

It’s a sad thing that happened.

From Georgia’s perspective, it means Chubb will have to carry them the rest of the way. He’s done well so far, but Hutson Mason can only do so much. Georgia Tech is up in two weeks, and potentially an SEC Championship is next. With just a little bit of help, the Dawgs could be back in the College Football Playoff discussion.

But given their history of choking and now their best player gone for the year, things could get a lot tougher if that’s the goal.