LSU Tigers Rob Texas A&M Aggies in 23-17 Win


It was a blatant bailout.

The LSU defense got bailed out for almost choking away the lead. Cam Cameron got bailed out for keeping Texas A&M in the game by calling passing plays when the running game was dominant. And the LSU Tigers, the luckiest team in college football over the past 15 years, can add to their lucky resume.

Texas A&M was driving to beat LSU. Down 23-17 and near midfield with more than a minute left, the Aggies should have had a free play after LSU jumped offside. Every replay shows how obvious the offside penalty was.

So Kyle Allen, knowing how obvious it was, took a shot at the end zone. The pass was intercepted, and LSU was able to run out the clock. The interception never should have counted. It never should have mattered.

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We’d like to give Leonard Fournette credit for rushing for 146 yards and a touchdown 19 times. He emerged as a superstar against a Texas A&M defense that has had trouble stopping the run all year.

Quarterback Anthony Jennings also ran the ball well, 14 times for 119 yards. So why Cameron and Les Miles agreed to having Jennings throw the ball 21 times is a mystery.

But they still had a two-score lead. Then they almost blew that lead.

And the coaching staff was bailed out by a terrible non-call.

Now, Texas A&M is 7-5 and could have potentially been 8-4. LSU will have to be the final SEC team ranked in the Top 25 at the end of the regular season.

There was no way to refs should have missed that offside penalty to allow the Aggies a free play.

Allen wasn’t great, only throwing for 144 yards, but he was robbed of a chance to lead a great comeback for the Aggies. And the game ended with a series of boos from the crowd that was rightfully earned by the officiating crew.

LSU stole a victory on the road. It was terrible to watch. And it was a tough way for the Aggies to end the season, who should have had the chance to prove that they could match what they did with Johnny Manziel last year without him.

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