Will Muschamp Shows Why He Was Fired in Florida Loss to Florida State


It was honestly pathetic to the point of an inexperienced video gamer playing NCAA Football.

Florida State was locked in another tough battle, this time to Florida. But despite Jameis Winston’s worst performance of his career with 125 yards and 4 interceptions, and despite the fact that the Seminoles did everything within their power to lose the game, Florida’s offense and Treon Harris did what they could to give the game right back.

And that happened all the way to the end. Everything that summed up Will Muschamp’s failed tenure at Florida then surfaced on one drive.

Down 24-19 and at midfield late in the fourth quarter, Florida offensive coordinator Kurt Roper decided that the only play that he could call was a bomb down field with Harris. He tried that every play and failed every play.

Pathetic coaching by an offensive coordinator who never should have been hired? Check.

Then, Muschamp decided to burn a timeout, which Florida then needed to get the ball back after they couldn’t convert on a fourth down.

Pathetic late-game management? Check again.

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Oh sure, the Seminoles have been playing everybody close all year. And it was no surprise when the same thing happened on Saturday.

But the Gators had such a great defense that you thought they might have a chance if they could get any kind of decency on offense.

But true to Muschamp’s team every year he was there, not looking like the most pathetic offense the state of Florida has ever seen at any level was just too much to ask.

And so Florida State is undefeated, while Florida has fallen to 6-5. But they had their chances to win the game and blew it because of a terrible coaching staff.

That has been the story of the season, of the last four years, and of Muschamp and everybody he has hired. It’s why he’s now going out the door.

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