What’s Next for the Big 12? A New Commissioner Not Named Bob Bowlsby


Explain yourself Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. Explain how on your watch NOBODY from the Big 12 made it to the Final Four. Explain that ‘egg on your face’ Big 12 PSA video (as seen below)that spews the virtues of the conference heralding a ‘One True Champion’ and then naming Baylor AND TCU as co-champions. How ironic that the one coach that has the last line in the video is TCU’s Gary Patterson.Wha?!

It was the last day of the season for the Big 12. TCU was ranked #3 in the College Football Playoff. Take care of business handily against Iowa State and the Horned Frogs should be a ‘shoe-in’ to make it. Final score of that game: 55-3. I would say that was handily. Not even close. TCU final ranking in playoff system? #6.

What just happened? TCU’s only loss on the year was AT the then #5 team in the nation in Baylor, whom themselves have somewhat of an argument. That game came down to the wire: 61-58. TCU was up by 21 with 11 minutes to go in that game. How they wish they could have those 11 minutes back.

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Baylor had a more difficult road that last Saturday, having to defeat #9 Kansas State after Bryce Petty suffered a concussion the week before in Dallas against Texas Tech. They won however 38-27 and waited to be crowned ‘Co-Champions.’ They did move up one spot to #5 in the Final Four rankings. The dreaded #5. Their only loss on the year was a flat showing at West Virginia 41-27.

TCU and Baylor’s Argument

"“It’s easy to forget had Florida State lost and Ohio State not won 59-0 [over Wisconsin], we might have ended up with two teams in.”“We need to decide whether that’s [championship game] the right way to go and whether that’s going to have the right effect,”“‘One True Champion’ is really about everybody playing everybody, that’s the right way to do it. We believe that playing everyone every year is the right way to determine a champion even if ends in a tie.”“Baylor beat (TCU) head-to-head … the only reason I say (TCU over Baylor) is (the Horned Frogs) were in a better position to stay (in the playoff Top 4). The committee got it right in having Baylor five and TCU sixth. It probably would have been TCU because they were in a better position to be in, and with Ohio State’s win it would have been difficult for Baylor to jump over (the Buckeyes). It isn’t just a TCU-Baylor comparison. … It is not anything between our two schools, (TCU) had a better chance to stay in. That’s why we were so surprised. The committee made a statement putting them ahead of an undefeated Florida State. If we were in a perfect situation, I would say both of them were good enough to be in.”"

Those were words all spoken by the commissioner Bob Bowlsby. Does he not seem to be going around in circles? The last statement was made two days AFTER crowning both Baylor and TCU as ‘One True Champion.‘ Bowlsby stated that he would have picked TCU because they were 3rd. Make some sense!

The Big 12 does need a title game there’s no question about that. They need to add a few teams just to be at 12. Confused yet? But they also need a commissioner that’s going to go to bat for them and get in the trench and state for the conference who exactly is the conference champion and who is going to the playoff.

“How is it that you’re saying a TCU loss at #5 Baylor is keeping them out of the playoff to letting a team in (Ohio State) that lost AT home by 14 points to an eventual 6-6 team in Virginia Tech?!”

“If it were Texas or Oklahoma you wouldn’t have had a problem with it? Would you Playoff Committee?”

Those are the hard hitting comments that Bob Bowlsby SHOULD have said. But he didn’t…

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