Jim Harbaugh said WHAT? Michigan Coach Concedes State Supremacy to Michigan State


Michigan Wolverines Head Coach Jim Harbaugh made headlines by stating that the Michigan State Spartans are the biggest guys on the block right now.

It is a statement that will likely not go over well in the minds of fans in Ann Arbor.

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Speaking to nearly 200 high school coaches at the Horatio Williams clinic in Detroit, first-year Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh was willing to admit that Michigan State, not Michigan, is the big brother in the state right now, according to an article on the Detroit Free Press.

"“We know we’re not the biggest guy on the block – Michigan State’s the biggest guy,” Harbaugh said.That was met by a single individual in back of the room clapping, which Harbaugh acknowledged.“Rightfully so,” he said early in his 15-minute speech, which was preceded by an extended video presentation of still frames from spring practice set to music. “They have done a tremendous job. We respect the job they’ve done, but we want to be that.”"

Anybody with sense can obviously see this is true right now. The Michigan State Spartans won the Rose Bowl two years ago, and last year their only two losses were to the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes, the two teams who played for the national title.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Wolverines stumbled to 5-7 in Brady Hoke’s fourth year, which got him fired and brought in Harbaugh to begin with, and the most memorable thing they did last year was have one of their players spike a tent stake into the turf of Michigan State’s football field to show some disrespect, to which the Spartans responded by whipping them 35-11.

So yes, Harbaugh is right, Michigan State is the big man on campus.

However, it must be noted that he probably should not have said it. Michigan fans will never accept that, and as head coach of Michigan you are never supposed to accept that, even if it is true.

But hey, at least he is being honest.

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