Michigan takes recruiting to the next level with virtual reality


Michigan is about to take recruiting innovation to the next level with virtual reality technology. Will it succeed in swaying future recruits to come to Ann Arbor?

The University of Michigan athletics department shared information about a new technological advancement they will use to improve the recruiting experience.

The tweet features a video in which wide receiver Jehu Chesson and head coach Jim Harbaugh try out virtual reality goggles, while assistant coach Jay Harbaugh describes an “immersive experience” that will be brought to life through the devices. They will be used in the recruiting process but details were not given about how exactly they would be used.

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According to Michigan they will be the first university to use this technology for recruiting, but they will not be the first program to use virtual reality in general. Auburn University used Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets this past offseason for quarterback training, and a number of other major programs have invested in the technology including Stanford, Arkansas and Clemson.

With few details emerging about what will actually be shown to recruits through these goggles, we can only speculate about what that will be, but perhaps the emotion, sounds and sights a player sees when he runs out on the field in front of a sold out Big House will be part of the experience.

It will also be interesting to see what other uses Michigan and other major programs find for virtual reality technology, as it stands to reason that it could well be an unexplored new frontier in coaching and training.

What will they think of next?

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