SEC East Team Previews: How your team heads to SEC Championship Game

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We know you have visions of a December trip to Atlanta full of too many trips to Chick-fil-A and the College Football Hall of Fame. How does your team get there? Our SEC East team previews look at each team’s path.

Every team enters the season with aspirations to win a national championship. SEC fans know that winning a conference championship is seen as almost to same thing. It is a December trip to Atlanta that is on the minds of coaches, players and fans even in July. The SEC championship offers fans a sense of regional pride for an entire year, but, as any team can tell you, winning an SEC championship is difficult.

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This week, we take a look at every team in the SEC to analyze what they need to do to find themselves at the Georgia Dome. We will begin with the SEC East and take a look at the SEC West later on this week.

The East division constantly finds itself in the shadow of the West. The SEC West is widely regarded as the toughest division in college football. The West brings its reputation into the 2015 season but that does not mean it will necessarily live up to these expectations.

Part of the reason the East has not been as strong in recent years is traditional powers like Tennessee and Florida have had a rough stretch. Georgia and Missouri have anchored the division as of late, but neither school has had a dominant team.

The East has not won an SEC Championship since Florida did it in 2008. Depending on who you ask, Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee have the best chance of making it to the championship game. That said, predictions go out the window as soon as the season starts. The East seems wide open and any number of teams could end up with the division title.

Could this be the year the East breaks the drought? Time will tell. For now, our SEC East team previews breakdown what each team needs to do to get to the SEC Championship.

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