Urban Meyer’s daughters mad at ESPN for this College GameDay sign (Photo)


Urban Meyer’s daughters aren’t happy about a sign ESPN’s College GameDay promoted making light of Meyer’s health scare that forced him to resign from Florida. 

Alabama fans will tell you it was Nick Saban who forced Urban Meyer out of Florida because he was scared of the program he was building at Alabama. Others around the SEC will tell you Meyer faked a heart attack because he knew his team wouldn’t be dominant any longer without Tim Tebow at quarterback.

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Both sides of that argument couldn’t be more wrong.

Nevertheless, it has been a running joke among fans lacking a common decency and it was on display at College GameDay on Saturday where ESPN set up at Tuscaloosa for the Alabama-Ole Miss game. One big part of GameDay is the use of fan-made signs in the background. Some of them are clever and actually funny. Some of them aren’t, like the one below that has Urban Meyer’s daughters fuming.

This tweet from the College GameDay handle shared a picture (now deleted) of Gus Malzahn with the caption “If this crap keeps up, I’m gonna fake a heard attack and go join the Big 10”


After Meyer left Florida after 2010 to focus on his health and family he worked for ESPN for a year before taking the job at Ohio State where he’s lost three games in three-plus years and last year’s national championship.

But this attempt at humor — that was received well by Twitter — was anything but ‘appropriate’ and completely classless. Meyer’s daughters Gigi and Nicki weighed in on Twitter to let their feelings be known and I couldn’t agree more with them.

College GameDay deleted the tweets with the image and posted this tweet with an apology.

So what do you think?

Is this a case of the PC police flexing their PC muscles? Should Meyer’s daughters learn to “grow up” and take a “joke” about their father having a heart attack?

I think I have a pretty great sense of humor, but I don’t think I’d find anything funny about jokes about my dad having a heart attack.

If you don’t have a problem with that sign, maybe you’d have a problem with the sign that said “Ole Miss girls are easier than their non-conference schedule.”

Step your game up for those in Tucson this weekend for the game at Arizona between the Wildcats and UCLA and make sure your humor isn’t of the lowest common denominator.

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