Leonard Fournette’s Heisman moment vs Syracuse (Video)


Leonard Fournette is picking up where he left off last week against Auburn but he got a little help from his quarterback who showed off his improvisational skills.

Brandon Harris and Leonard Fournette are at it again. Just when you think Syracuse has the Tigers wrapped up for a sack, out of nowhere comes a big play by the Tigers and their Heisman candidate.

The only thing missing from this play was a massive truck-stick by the Heisman hopeful, Fournette. The drive was eventually capped off by a 14 yard scamper to the end zone by Fournette himself, his seventh in the young and bright season for LSU.

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All of this was happening against the Orange’s No. 3 ranked rush defense. Granted Syracuse has played Rhode Island, Wake Forest, and Central Michigan, it is still obvious they can stuff the run. There is only one player in the country that can bulldoze a defense and that is No. 7 for the Tigers.

Fournette has no mercy on opposing defenses and is set to give Syracuse a lesson that they should have a pencil and paper in hand to take some notes, because they are going to need it to stop Leonard.

As the first quarter waned, Fournette approached the century mark and is well on his way to a massive day on the ground. If the Syracuse defense doesn’t all of a sudden stiffen, that shouldn’t be too far-fetched. It’s still early, but the emergency pitch could have been the last straw of hope pulled out from the Orange.

If you’re LSU, the recipe for the game is easy, actually really easy. Hand it off to Leonard Fournette, always. If the ball isn’t in his hands on every play, the Tigers are crazy and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron should be fired.

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