SEC Football: Five things we learned from Week 4

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5. We may be overlooking Mississippi State

Count me as one of the people in the group that dismissed Mississippi State. With just seven returning starters, it seemed too big of a gap to overcome.

However, one thing you cannot take away from the Bulldogs is they have the best quarterback in the conference. The gap between Prescott and the other quarterbacks in the conference is large. Any time you have that big of an advantage at the most important position in football you will have a chance to win every game.

The farther removed we get from the narrow loss to LSU the better it seems. LSU is a top ten team in the country and Mississippi State was a field goal away from upsetting them. They will be tested this week in College Station against the Aggies, but so far this season they have proved they are capable of giving any team a good run.

Mississippi State looks to be in the three to four loss category, but that still makes them a very solid team. They have been able to turn around a program not known for winning. If they are able to continue to play well this season, it will make two straight seasons of good play in spite of losing so many players over the offseason. Dismiss them if you want, but they have an upset win or two in them this season.

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