College Football Rankings 2016: Projected AP Top 25 after Week 10

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Now that November play has started, let’s look at how the AP Top 25 will adjust this week to more closely match the College Football Playoff rankings.

The past few seasons, one of the biggest things worth watching has been the variance between the AP Top 25 and the College Football Playoff rankings. The first release in early November has provided ample sports-talk fodder as pundits and fans have parsed the deviations between the results of the committee’s deliberations and the familiar hierarchy of the polls.

In some ways the officiality of the CFP rankings serves as a guide for the media to fill out their own Top 25 ballots. Since they determine which four teams participate in the championship bracket as well as who plays in the other New Year’s Six bowls, the CFP committee has almost become the rabbit that the AP voters are forever chasing. Since the AP releases its poll on Sunday and the commtittee doesn’t release its rankings until Tuesday night, the AP is always aiming for a moving target.

So let’s evaluate how the AP Top 25 might look after Week 10 games, paying particular attention to how the CFP rankings will influence this position and how where they will likely get it wrong. Click through to see where your favorite team will factor into the national discussion now that we have entered the last month of the regular season.

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