Best ESPN College GameDay signs Week 12: Michigan vs. Wisconsin

(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images) /

College GameDay is in Madison for Michigan vs. Wisconsin. Let’s see how the Badgers’ fanbase did with their College GameDay signs.

There couldn’t be two more disparate College GameDay experiences in back-to-back weeks. Miami was sunny and warm. Fans packed a beautiful lakeside and poolside set with as many people as it could hold.  They came wearing summer attire, adorned in turnover chains and brought plenty of signs. It is snowing and raining in Madison. Miami’s version of GameDay was the best of the season. Can the Wisconsin fans represent the Big Ten and the Midwest and live up to that standard with their College GameDay signs?

Wisconsin has hosted College GameDay seven times. The show last came to town just last season. Ohio State, who was No. 2 at that point in mid-October, were visiting the eighth-ranked Badgers. The Buckeyes won 30-23 in overtime.

Wisconsin fans are in a weird spot this week. GameDay is ideally paired with the ESPN prime-time game on ABC. It serves as good cross-promotion for both ESPN broadcasts, and fans have time to still tailgate before the game. However, GameDay is not beholden to being an ad for ESPN programming, so they will still go to games broadcast by other channels such as Fox this week. The problem is those games are not usually noon kickoffs.

The show is broadcasting from Bascom Hill in the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus until 11 a.m. local time. Camp Randall Stadium is a little less than a mile away.  Kickoff for the game is scheduled for 11:05. So fans attending GameDay either will have to leave early or sprint to get there in time. That doesn’t even leave any time for pregame festivities that Wisconsin students are so famous for. Add in the terrible weather and there is little doubt GameDay is not getting the best effort Wisconsin has to offer.

Here are some of the best signs of the week:

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