College Football 2019: Predictions for the biggest games of Week 9

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The chaotic college football season continued last week. Will Week 9 bring another paradigm shift at the top of the food chain?

The beauty of college football has always lied with its unpredictability. Unexpected upsets are the nature of the sport, and neutral fans love to see an underdog rise up and knock off the heavily favored side.

College football is always good for a wide array of upsets throughout the season, and if the last couple of weeks are any indication, we’re just scratching the surface of a chaotic filled season that will continue to flip the established order on its head.

Two weeks ago, South Carolina went into Athens and stunned Georgia in overtime in what at the time was the biggest upset of the season. It only took one week for that to change, with Wisconsin traveling to Champagne and losing to Illinois on a game-winning field goal.

What does college football have in store for us next? While the likes of Alabama, LSU, Clemson, Ohio State, and Oklahoma have looked invincible (save for Clemson’s close-call in Chapel Hill), if those two aforementioned upsets have taught us anything it is to expect the unexpected. You never know who could be on the chopping block next.

There’s several trap-games left for the top contenders to navigate through, and while we have a decent idea of what the College Football Playoff would look like today, it only takes any given Saturday to throw all of that out the window.

There’s several big matchups this weekend of ranked versus ranked contenders, but also some sneaky under-the-radar games that could have a major impact on the playoff race and various conference championship battles.

Take these forthcoming predictions with a grain of salt after last week’s debacle. After hitting on around 60% of my picks against the spread so far this season, I feared a regression to the mean was coming at some point. That happened last week as a I went 3-7 (yuck!) against the spread, dropping my overall record on the year to just a few games above .500.

Let’s try to get that turned back in the right direction in Week 9.

Last Week: 5-5; 3-7
Overall: 54-26; 42-38

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