College Football: 3 teams that would benefit from canceled 2020 season

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As we begin to face the inevitable, let’s look at the positives. Which teams could benefit from a 2020 college football season that may be canceled?

Some college football teams and players are praying that the 2020 season continues. They have the perfect roster to make a title run and 2020 was supposed to be their year.

And while there hasn’t been any talk of the season being canceled, players are being tested positive for the virus all over college football. This has been most prevalent in a certain school that wears orange and has a paw on their helmet. Rhymes with Flemson. It’s Clemson. I’m talking about Clemson.

For as long as college football teams are testing positive, I just don’t see a season happening. I’ve said it before: if even one player is COVID-19 positive at the start of the season, it won’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I want the season to happen. I’m dying to watch some football, professional or college, but I just can’t see the NCAA continuing while teams have almost 40 cases.

Recently, we received news that Morehouse College canceled their 2020 season, making them the first college football team to do so. And while Morehouse doesn’t have the same name as a big school like Clemson or Alabama, they’ve had extremely notable non-sports alumni including Martin Luther King Jr., Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson.

Many people are looking at this schools cancelation as the first domino of many to fall.

So just for a second, let’s take a look on the positive side and see which teams might benefit from a canceled football season.

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