College Football 2020: 5 teams that’ll be on upset alert in Week 11

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What lies ahead in a week where games not played are overshadowing games that are? Here are the college football teams that will be on upset alert.

We officially have our first brutal week of cancellations. So far, eight contests have been either cancelled or postponed. Notable among these are Alabama vs. LSU, Auburn vs. Mississippi State, Texas A&M vs. Tennessee and Ohio State vs. Maryland.

These games all presented their challenges, but now we’ll either have to wait and see in mid-December or in the case of Ohio State and Maryland, not at all.

That doesn’t mean that the chance of upsets this week disappears, although a few contenders are off the board.

Last week, teams on upset alert went 2-2, but it could have easily been 1-3 had Arizona State not blown a 13-point lead to USC in about two minutes. BYU was the other favorite that won, dismantling Boise State. San Jose State and Indiana were the upset winners, looking good in the process.

On the season, teams on upset alert are now 18-13-1, still relatively successful even after a .500 weekend.

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As always, a disclaimer: A game considered an “upset alert” is just that, an alert.

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