Florida Football: Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer having reunion no one expected

Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer, Florida football (Photo by Charles Sonnenblick/Getty Images)
Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer, Florida football (Photo by Charles Sonnenblick/Getty Images) /

Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer formed one heck of a bond at Florida for four years. The Heisman-winning quarterback won two national titles with the Gators as under Urban and just one year after he graduated, the head coach decided to retire suddenly.

A couple of years later, he popped up at Ohio State which many thought to be his dream job and then he retired again before accepting the head coaching job with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tebow ended his Florida career and went to the Broncos where he was one of the more polarizing players in the NFL and the debate of “should he be playing quarterback?” ran rampant. He played in 16 career NFL games with the Broncos and Jets before essentially being shunned and not picked up as a quarterback anywhere else.

Many believed he would have prolonged his NFL career had he decided to play a different position but he was unwilling to switch from quarterback.

That was until Meyer took the Jaguars job.

This is actually an insane turn of events not just because Meyer may have convinced him to play a different position, but also because he’s been out of the league for about six years (he was on the Eagles’ and Patriots’ practice squads) and even spent some time trying to make a career for himself in baseball.

The most unexpected reunion for Tim Tebow

Meyer taking the Jaguars job was surprising, adding the No. 1 player in the 2021 NFL Draft class was fortunate, and now convincing Tebow to join him in Jacksonville as a tight end is just the icing on the cake. The new head coach now has just about everything he needs to succeed in Jacksonville but no one saw this coming.

Not only can Tebow become a decent tight end with his size, athleticism, and toughness, but he’s also going to be a great leader and mentor for Trevor Lawrence.

Meyer and Tebow spent some time together as college football analysts years after their time together in Gainesville and if people were to say one day they’d be reunited, everyone would have guessed it would have been with Tim as an assistant to Meyer at the collegiate level. Never this.

The NFL just got a heck of a lot more interesting and the Jaguars just gained a big following in Gainesville.

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