Nebraska Football: Scott Frost shouldn’t have commented on Luke McCaffrey

The phrase “there’s no such thing as bad press” doesn’t exactly apply to Scott Frost and Nebraska football lately.

The head coach and former Nebraska star quarterback had some words on one of his former players who transferred from the program this offseason and then left his new school. Luke McCaffrey transferred to Louisville from Nebraska this offseason and then when he realized he wasn’t going to beat out Malik Cunningham for the starting job, he chose Rice.

It may seem like the wrong direction for the once-promising Nebraska dual-threat, but McCaffrey decided to go to a program that needed him more.

Rice isn’t a national contender and he probably won’t make many headlines playing for the Owls, but he felt it was the right fit for him after leaving Louisville following spring ball.

You really can’t knock the kid for wanting to start somewhere.

Frost spoke to the media about the former Nebraska quarterback’s second transfer this offseason and he mentioned how this won’t be the first time we see something like this and kids are “getting bad advice”.

This didn’t really sit well with Luke’s older brother and NFL superstar Christian McCaffrey.

You don’t really want to get NFL stars with young recruits who look up to them on your bad side because they can negatively impact recruiting, believe it or not.

I’m sure Frost and the McCaffreys will have private conversations and mend fences, but this is not a good look for the Nebraska head coach.

Frost should have kept the comments to himself

Even if Frost didn’t mean the comment to be negative, the way he said it came off as a direct shot at McCaffrey and that’s led to some fired-up tweets from his family.

Frost is already on the hot seat and if something like the way Frost views transfers negatively impacts recruiting (especially if Frost was a transfer himself), he could be out of a job in the near future.

This is something he probably should have reserved comment on or just said he wished Luke the best of luck at his next stop. The “getting bad advice” quote was a bad look, especially after these kids go through a tiring process to find the right fits for them.

Tough press for Frost and the Cornhuskers.