Florida Football: Florida blows out South Florida in Week 2

The Florida football team blew out South Florida in Week 2, 42-20. What did we learn this week about the Gators ahead of a matchup with Alabama?

Florida football faced off against South Florida on the road as the last matchup before they face off against Alabama to open SEC play. Are they ready for that? I am not so sure.

Alabama has shown that they are without question the best team in the conference right now and Florida…well…they did well enough to beat South Florida, but they allowed 20 points to a team that had zero a week ago against NC State. That isn’t exactly what you want to see going into the biggest game of the season.

Is the Florida Football defense ready for Alabama?

That isn’t to say that the defense hasn’t gotten better. It has. The Gators also hung in with Alabama a year ago in the SEC Championship game without a great defense, but they had guys like Pitts, Trask, and Toney who were making big plays for them on the offensive side of the ball.

The defense is looking better for sure, but I am not sure that it is better enough to hang on and take on big SEC West powerhouse Alabama or even SEC East powerhouse Georgia of which they play both in the regular season.

Now, they have a quarterback controversy they don’t want to admit that they have. Richardson had two touchdowns and did not have an incompletion in the time that he was on the field. Emory Jones threw two interceptions late in the game and allowed South Florida to put together what they were able to do.

If I’m Dan Mullen, I let Richardson start against Alabama and see what happens. I really think he is the better option. He only threw three passes but had just as many yards as Emory Jones had. He also had 115 yards on the ground. Jones had 81.

Overall, Florida looked decent enough across the board to win most SEC East games. However, I don’t anticipate wins over Georgia and Alabama for the Gators at this point.