Watch: Nebraska pulls off the first insane TD of the Matt Rhule era (Video)


Nebraska football started its season off with what is sure to be the first of many wild moments of the Matt Rhule era.

College football is back, and the Matt Rhule era at Nebraska is off to the kind of wild and spicy start you just love to see.

Rhule is in his first year at Nebraska after flaming out with the Carolina Panthers. It’s an arrival that Cornhusker fans are hoping turns the program around and reflects what Rhule did at Baylor and less what he did in the NFL.

The season started at home against the Minnesota Gophers, and we were met with a classic low scoring Big Ten affair — one with perhaps the most Nebraska touchdown ever.

In the third quarter of an 3-0 game, Huskers running back Anthony Grant appeared to catch a toss that wasn’t going anywhere when he pitched it back to quarterback Jeff Sims. The only problem was Sims missed the toss and the ball went rolling out into the open.

But wait, there’s more. None of the Gophers defenders were able to get to the ball which allowed Sims to pick it up and hit a wide open Alex Bullock in the endzone.

Nebraska pulls off crazy, and partially accidental, trick play

Just watch, it’s absolutely insane:

Ahhh, that’s the good stuff.

It wasn’t by design, but the play goes down as one heck of a way to start the Matt Rhule era. Scott Frost might have broken spirits in Lincoln, and set the bar low, but at the very least things will now be much more entertaining.

One other thing that makes the play even greater is who the announcer was. The great Gus Johnson was on the call for FOX and got his — and our — season off the an even more perfect start that we were hoping for.

That’s the sound of fall right there. College football is back, baby!

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