3 Reasons to watch the Peach Bowl

An exciting Peach Bowl matchup features two teams who fell just short of what their ultimate goals. However, this matchup is exciting as both teams have bright futures.

Penn State v Michigan State
Penn State v Michigan State / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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3. There is a lot of young talent on these rosters

We mentioned Jaxon Dart, who pending a transfer will be back at Mississippi next season. There is a lot of young talent on both of these rosters that will be on display in this bowl game. On the Penn State side we will see young quarterback Drew Allar along with running backs Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen, all of which will be returning next season. This bowl game can be a nice confidence builder for some of these guys looking to come back next season and make a run at something bigger.

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Although this is not a College Football Playoff game with championship implications, I believe the energy level will be high in the Peach Bowl for all the aforementioned reasons. This is not a meaningless game, it is an opportunity for each team to build towards the future. The door is not closed for either of these programs, especially given the 12-team College Football Playoff coming in 2024. Keep an eye out for both Penn State and Ole Miss in the coming years. They are two young talented teams who will be making a serious run next season. This should be a fun one.