5 features we hope are included in the new EA Sports College Football game

Ever since EA Sports announced the long-awaited return of its college football game series, fans have wondered what features might be included in the new title. Here are five that we hope make the cut for the July 2024 release.
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More than a decade ago, EA Sports shuttered its college football series as legal concerns mounted around the game's use of college athletes' likenesses without any ability to compensate those players for their contributions to the game.

Fans desperate to play out their gridiron fantasies on college campuses continued to cling to weathered copies of NCAA Football 14, with dedicated individuals continuing to modify rosters from season to season to keep the aging game as fresh as possible.

Once the NCAA finally loosened its policies on name, image, and likeness rights, it opened the door for fans to begin hoping about the next installment of the dormant franchise. With the ability to pay players to put their names and images into the game for the first time, it opens the door for a new level of realism for a studio that prides itself on ensuring that "if it's in the game, it's in the game."

With the release date now set and sneak previews beginning to be released to the public ahead of the summer release of College Football 25, what features are you hoping will make the final cut into the new game?

Here are five features we hope to see on July 19 when we pick up our copies of the game.