Deion Sanders should be embarrassed about his social media behavior

Apr 27, 2024; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during a spring game
Apr 27, 2024; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during a spring game / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Deion Sanders has no shame.

The second-year Colorado football coach is fresh off his second spring with the Buffaloes and while he was leading the lovable losers last offseason, he's now one of the most hated men in the sport.

At first, it was simply because of the media attention he drew. It wasn't his fault, he brought excitement back to Boulder and the media covered it like there was nothing else going on in college football and it made fans nauseous at the over-saturation.

Now, he's hated for a completely different reason and it's his own doing.

Earlier this week, a story by Max Olson of The Athletic came out about a former Colorado player, Xavier Smith, who spoke about how Sanders destroyed guys' confidence while trying to navigate the 2023 roster turnover. He said that Sanders told him to transfer but he wanted to stick around and prove himself but it ultimately crushed his confidence because Deion paid no attention to him.

This felt like a common theme among former players who transferred from Deion's Buffaloes but his son rushed to his defense, essentially saying that Smith was so forgettable beca

Obviously not a great look for a team captain to be ripping a former teammate and calling him "mid at best" on social media for his 70,000 followers -- and more -- to see.

But that's not even the worst part.

A current Colorado receiver, Kaleb Mathis, shared a video of him burning Smith on a route during practice and agreeing with Sanders that he was "mid". Smith's new teammate at Austin Peay Jaheim Ward called him out for having just 38 receiving yards in 2023 so he shouldn't be trashing someone else and then a Colorado fan account posted Ward's stats (20 tackles in 2023) in an attempt to mock him.

End of story, right?

Nope, Deion saw this and quote tweeted it with "Lawd Jesus".

A coach ripping a college athlete who had a decent season at the FCS level is truly something. It's even worse when he's agreeing with a fan account who is also ripping the young athlete.

And this all started with Sanders' son calling a former teammate "mid" because he wanted to stick around and compete for a roster spot but was instead ignored by Deion and basically told to transfer or he wouldn't play. Knocking a kid for wanting to compete is just lame and Deion doubled down on his son's ignorance.

While he won't be any time soon, Deion should be embarrassed by his social media behavior and that of his son as well.

And this is why everyone has turned on Colorado, the former "lovable losers" of college football.

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