Is Donovan Edwards the best choice to be featured EA Sports College football athlete?

Michigan running back Donovan Edwards runs the ball in for a touchdown in the second quarter during
Michigan running back Donovan Edwards runs the ball in for a touchdown in the second quarter during / Melanie Maxwell / USA TODAY NETWORK

Folks, we are getting closer and closer to the release of EA Sports College Football 25 and if you're anything like me, you're probably more excited about this game than any release in recent memory.

It's the first time that EA Sports has put out a college football game in a decade and fans will be rushing to the shelves to grab their copies in July. While we still have a couple of months of waiting to do before we can spend hours building a program from the bottom up and recruiting against our friends, EA Sports teased the cover of the deluxe edition on Friday.

And the featured athlete may not be who we all expected.

It's great to see an EA Sports College Football cover again and I do like the idea of putting all of the different teams in the tunnel heading out to the field. It represents the entire sport coming together to make this thing happen again and it's a cool tribute.

However, is Michigan's Donovan Edwards really the best choice to be front-and-center on the first cover after a decade-long hiatus? He's coming off a somewhat disappointing personal season in which he rushed for 497 yards and five touchdowns and added 30 receptions for another 249 yards. He did help Michigan win a national title, but is this really the right pick?

In my opinion, the cover athlete needs to be a Wolverine since they won the national title and deserve some sort of recognition front-and-center. But Edwards was not the correct pick.

Sure, he could turn it around this year and have an All-American season (he does have the potential to do so), but he is coming off a disappointing year and Michigan has other guys who are more deserving. Obviously you can't select players who graduated and went off to the NFL this offseason so JJ McCarthy and Blake Corum are out, but what about a budding superstar like Will Johnson? He might be the best defensive back in the country.

The game seems to be making a point to feature prominent offensive players, although Travis Hunter technically plays both sides of the ball. Still, Johnson would've been a much more deserving pick.

And I'm also confused by the Ohio State selection of Quinshon Judkins as he has yet to play a single snap for the Buckeyes.

Just some confusing selections for the cover athletes, but let's just be happy the game is back.

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