New details on EA Sports College Football 25

There are new details about the much anticipated EA Sports College Football 25 and here the latest about the upcoming college football video game.

Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) looks to pass the ball in the second half of the College
Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy (9) looks to pass the ball in the second half of the College / Melanie Maxwell / USA TODAY NETWORK

College football fans have been waiting for more than a decade for EA Sports to put out another college football game and the wait it almost over.

Ok, we still have five months, after EA Sports announced the college football video game will be released in July. A full trailer is expected in May but on Thursday morning, we got more information about EA Sports College Football 25.

According to Chris Vannini of The Athletic is reporting that all 134 FBS college football teams will be in the game. That's a blow to FCS football fans, but their inclusion always seemed like a long shot.

We don't know what players will be in the game but each college football player has the option to opt-in for the game which will net them a $600 payment for their name, image, and likeness, plus a copy of the video game. It's estimated that there will be 11,000 college football players in the game.

Here's more from Vannini about what's coming for college football fans this summer:

"EA Sports College Football 25 will be fully revealed in May before its summer release. Some game details are already known. Sources involved in the game say it will be built on the Madden engine but won’t be a reskin of Madden. Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory will be the featured modes once again. A transfer portal is expected as well. Schools have submitted thousands of assets to EA Sports over the past three years, including stadium photos, jerseys, crowd cheers and more. College Football Playoff imagery will be used, a CFP spokesperson said Wednesday, and developers continue to plan for every possible detail and change to the sport before the game’s release."

Next. NEXT . Way-too-early 12-team playoff projections . dark

With the 12-team College Football Playoff launching this season, it's a perfect time for EA Sports to get back into the college football business and like many of you, I can't wait for the release.