The legend of Bordeaux and the journey to his first rebuild in EA College Football 25

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Oregon v Iowa State
PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Oregon v Iowa State / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages

Anticipation is mounting as the days dwindle before the release date of EA Sports’ College Football 25.

Beyond the excitement around the game itself, there has been a lot of (well-deserved) attention brought to creators and influencers in the gaming world.

One of those creators, who has been a large part of the release, is James Bordeaux or just ‘Bordeaux’ as X (Twitter) has come to know him.

For those who don’t know, Bordeaux is one of the creators who has taken on the task of decoding and perfecting the College Football 25 video game. 

The funny part?

This all kind of happened by accident.

As the release date, July 19, has rapidly approached, Bordeaux has left the decision about which team he will first rebuild up to the public.

He originally tweeted about how he would never rebuild Lousiville, being the good and true Kentucky Wildcats fan that he is, and it blew up. So, he tried again with a tweet about Tennessee, and the same results unfolded.

Ever since, college football fans, teams, and players have gotten in on the action, fighting for their program’s chance to be first on his list.

So far, he has shared with the world (literally millions of people) that he is down to a final five schools but has only unveiled three of them so far – Houston, Michigan State, and Memphis.

Over the next two days, he’ll unveil the final two programs and on Friday, July 12, Bordeaux is having a commitment ceremony to unveil the team he will rebuild first when College Football 25 is released.

This all started two years ago, when Bordeaux wasn’t loving his full-time job and decided he’d post a news-esque video to his YouTube channel discussing everything we knew about the game at that point.

When that video blew up, he (begrudgingly) decided to try his hand at TikTok… which also blew up.

Bordeaux stumbled upon an opening in social media that had yet to be filled and he has simply run with it.

He has earned numerous opportunities since he first posted the rundown about a game that was still two years from its release date. The most recent being the chance for Bordeaux to sit down next to Michigan’s Donovon Edwards to play against the running back in the unreleased game.

Bordeaux isn’t alone in this journey either. Multiple creators are vying for the most influential countdowns, reveals, and posts about the upcoming CFB25.

The thing that Bordeaux wants the most out of all of this?

A little more sleep.

He’s just a young man who followed an interest and it paid off… big time.

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