Which Group of Five programs would be most fun to rebuild in EA College Football 25?

Football's on the ground during practice outside Canvas Stadium on Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019 with the Mountain West logo showing.
Football's on the ground during practice outside Canvas Stadium on Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019 with the Mountain West logo showing. / Kevin Lytle/Staff via Imagn Content

EA College Football 25 will be available in just 16 days, barely over two weeks. The wait is nearly over.

As the release date rapidly approaches, many gamers (or simply, fans of football) are deciding which feature they’re going to focus on first.

The Road to Glory? The Ultimate Team? The Dynasty? The Road to the College Football Playoff?

Some fans, of both the sport and the video game, have taken to social media to decide which program they will rebuild first once the game is released:

While it may be entertaining to take your favorite program to a national title, wouldn’t it be even more interesting to literally build one from the ground up?

Ignoring the easy road of guiding the Georgia Bulldogs, Oregon Ducks, Texas Longhorns, or Ohio State Buckeyes to a natty, which programs would be the best rebuilds?

. Florida Atlantic. FAU AAC. A-. American Athletic Conference

When the FAU Owls went on a Cinderella story run in the NCAA Tournament, basketball fans fell in love with Florida Atlantic.

I believe that the same would happen if you put in the work to rebuild the Owls' football program in the video game, even though the love may be contained to your own living room.

Conference-USA. . Western Kentucky. WKU CUSA. A+

Western Kentucky's mascot, Big Red, has burst onto the national stage as promotional videos have been released for College Football 25.

The beloved mascot has become a national icon and for that reason alone, WKU would be a 10/10 choice when it comes to rebuilding a program and turning it into a dynasty.

Ball State. Ball State. D. Mid-American.

Picking the best team to rebuild out of the Mid-American Conference was one of the most difficult decisions I've had all day. Simply because none of them spoke to me.

Honestly, Ball State just has the best name out of any of the other programs in its conference, and I like their Cardinal logo.

B-. Mountain West. . Hawai'i. hawaii

The Rainbow Warriors have one of the best mascots, one of the best locations, one of the most beautiful stadiums, and some of the coolest uniforms in all of college football.

Of course rebuilding Hawai'i's program would be near the top of the list for best choices from the Group of Five conferences.

. Appalachian State. app state. C. Sun Belt

While App State stole the spotlight when the Mountaineers visited and defeated the Texas A&M Aggies 2022, the program doesn't have a lot to offer.

If an athlete wants a small, mountain town; there's a better program. If they want to stay close to home; there's a better program.

While rebuilding App State may be fun at first, it wouldn't pan out to be all that entertaining.