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Conference USA: Globe Life (McKinney, Texas)

An insurance company enters the fray in the form of Globe Life. Globe Life has its headquarters located in Texas. The company has been a notable name in the insurance industry for decades. They also delved into naming rights with sports franchises. The Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball have Globe Life Field in Arlington.

The company can still stay within Texas for this potential partnership if that's their desire. Sam Houston State and UTEP are the two Texas schools in Conference USA. However, more importantly, Conference USA spans across multiple different regions of the United States. The farthest the league goes is to New Mexico State.

From there, CUSA has teams located in the states of Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee. So through the various states the conference features members in, the company can receive extensive exposure, to a large audience base. To make this even more intriguing for Globe Life, the league also got a new television contract with CBS and ESPN that began last year.

That contract runs through the 2027 season. Also, Conference USA made another smart move as far as its scheduling. To get more national spotlight and present an unopposed window for television viewers, Conference USA moved its matchups in October to the middle of the week. This enables the conference to be on primetime television.

Also, the league is set to add both Delaware and Missouri State next season. Those additions would bring the total number of members to 12. All of this can do nothing but bring more visibility to Globe Life and reach more demographics and people across the country. This partnership has also been rumored in the past and now picked up some steam yesterday.