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Sun Belt: The Home Depot (Atlanta, Ga.)

How about another notable company based in Atlanta? This time the focus is on the smaller but entertaining Sun Belt Conference. It's fitting to call the Sun Belt "SEC lite" because the conference is made up of universities in the South. So it's a perfect fit to pair the "Fun Belt" with another company based in that specific region.

The Home Depot has a massive consumer base and market presence in the Southern region. The geographical alignment of the schools means that The Home Depot's sponsorship would resonate strongly with the local communities and fan bases of Sun Belt teams. Many of these communities are characterized by homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and contractors who are key customers for The Home Depot, making this partnership strategically sound.

The Home Depot could also enhance the game-day experience for Sun Belt fans through tailgate sponsorships and activations. Tailgating is a cherished tradition in college sports that has lasted for decades, The Home Depot could provide tailgate essentials, showcasing their products in a real-life setting.

This would not only improve the overall fan experience but also create direct engagement opportunities with customers. Demonstrations of DIY projects or home improvement workshops at games could further engage fans and highlight The Home Depot's product offerings. The Sun Belt has strong programs and also has decent TV contracts that would allow for something like this to be possible.

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