We shouldn't be surprised by Keon Sabb's transfer to Alabama football

Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines defensive back Keon Sabb (3) against the
Jan 8, 2024; Houston, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines defensive back Keon Sabb (3) against the / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Just a couple of days after entering his name into the transfer portal, Michigan safety Keon Sabb has reportedly chosen a new home and he's already enrolling.

According to reports from On3 and 247Sports, it looks like Sabb is headed to Alabama and, as you can imagine, Michigan fans have been losing their minds over the news. Sabb figured to be a prominent figure on the 2024 defense for the defending national champs, but he opted to join Kalen DeBoer and Alabama football next season.

What makes this move interesting is the fact that Sabb's Wolverines beat both Alabama and DeBoer in the playoff this past season to capture the national title. And now he's joining forces with both.

However, what makes Michigan fans so upset about this development isn't the fact that he's transferring to a perennial power, but the fact that he's doing so a couple of days after entering the transfer portal.

Was tampering involved? More than likely, but no one should be surprised because that's what college football has become in the era of NIL.

Kids don't usually hit that portal if they have a big role on their current team unless they know where they're headed and that looks to be the exact case with Sabb. It's even more obvious that he made the announcement just a couple of days after jumping into the portal. He probably should have tried to hide it better. But it's not a surprise. And until the NCAA does something about it, it's just going to keep happening.

And it happens pretty much at every school and I can almost guarantee that Michigan has done the same thing to land a transfer. So let's stop being shocked about this stuff happening.

Let's pressure the NCAA to run itself better and police these types of things instead.