Trevor Knight Pathetic in Oklahoma Loss to TCU; Katy Perry “Wide Awake?”


Here’s a hit single from Katy Perry that should be directed at Trevor Knight after she spoke on him earlier Saturday afternoon.

Before we begin this tirade, let’s be fair. TCU deserves all the credit in the world. The Horned Frogs are clearly a good team, and Gary Patterson’s unit is finally proving that it belongs with other Power Five teams at 4-0.

After beating Oklahoma 37-33, this team is officially among the Big 12 elite, and we can’t question that anymore.

But make no mistake, Trevor Knight is the reason the Sooners lost this game. And it’s blatantly obvious.

The most overhyped quarterback coming into the season finally showed why preseason hype is a joke. It also showed why Bob Stoops has been way more about hype than production in recent years.

Stoops allowed analysts to give this guy too much credit because of how he looked in a bowl game against an Alabama team that didn’t care about being there. Oklahoma fans, of course, didn’t want to hear the truth about how pathetic of a quarterback this guy actually is.

In fact, if any analyst pointed out that Knight’s only good game was against a team that never showed up mentally after a month’s layoff, when anything could happen, that analysts had to be subject to more harsh criticism than anybody. Sooners fans chose to go with their delusional theory that Knight could actually play the position, and it cost them Saturday.

He may get way too much credit for throwing for 309 yards. While getting to that number, Knight was 14 of 35 with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. But his defenders will still point to the 61 yards that he also ran for.

Let’s all stand up and applaud for that (please note the sarcasm). Who isn’t proud that their quarterback had more than 300 yards but had 2 interceptions, 35 passes, and completed less than 50 percent of his passes in his biggest game to that point?

Knight must have been the player of the game with his numbers (sarcasm again).

Well, Knight was the player of the game. He was the player of the game for TCU. Oklahoma should have been the favorite to win this game because it found a new running back in Samaje Perine two weeks ago when it beat LSU.

But Perine was held to 3.5 yards per carry Saturday, and that was due to the fact that Knight couldn’t throw the ball. That’s why he was the player of the game.

TCU knew that he was so insignificant that they could key in solely on stopping Perine, and that’s what led to a TCU victory.

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On the other side, Trevone Boykin was 20 of 38 for 318 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. For the year, he has looked a heck of a lot better than Knight has to this point. He looks equally as mobile, much more efficient, and in general just smarter than Boykin.

He also led the Horned Frogs in rushing with 77 yards, so he deserves a lot of credit for carrying the TCU offense during this game en route to a major upset victory.

But the real credit goes to Knight, who made sure to take the amount of undeserved hype he was given in the offseason and simply prove to the world how undeserved it was. If you could measure undeserved hype, Knight’s would match his pathetic performance from Saturday. And that’s saying something.