Blitz Points: Week 6 College Football Top Performers

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This was a hard list to determine. Week 6 of the college football season brought us far too many top performers across the college football world that we didn’t know who to select. Our Blitz Points winners were plenty, and there were just people we couldn’t leave off the list.

So in response, we added three players this week to our Blitz Points winners. Usually, we do 10. But there are 13 people on this list that we simply couldn’t avoid from this past weekend, so we had to put all of them in. There were too many great performances to ignore, and anybody who watched football had to see that.

With eight Top 25 teams going down and the college football playoff picture taking shape, who could expect anything less? On the biggest stages in the biggest moments, these players came through to put together arguably the most exciting weekend in college football history. Not only do they deserve spots on our Blitz Points list, but they deserve thanks for keeping us intrigued in the sport all weekend. It wouldn’t have been possible without the play all of these guys made.

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Like every week, our Blitz Points winners had to play on winning teams. They didn’t always have to rack up a ton of stats either; they simply had to be one of the biggest reasons for their team’s win or loss. And many of them earned that right to be on this list today, so even as we increased it, it was still hard to leave people off.

This isn’t to say some of our winners didn’t rack up plenty of stats, though. A couple of them led blowout wins for their teams in games that should have been close, so they deserve respect as well for doing that. Overall, this was an exciting weekend of college football, and we have these guys to thank over everybody else for it.

So here are our college football top performers and Blitz Points Winners from Week 6 of the college football season.

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