Oregon, Stanford USC, UCLA all Fall in Week 6 Pac 12 Power Rankings. Arizona, ASU, and Utah Rise.

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Saturday Blitz Week 6 Pac 12 Power Rankings

The Pac 12 is as deep as the SEC. Maybe deeper.

This may be a controversial statement to the die-hard SEC faithful, so let’s clarify. The Pac 12 is nowhere near as good as the SEC. The SEC remains by far the toughest conference in college football. But the Pac 12 still has a few powerhouse schools, and all 12 of them are thinking about a possible shot at a bowl game. With that in mind, there’s no way you can say the conference isn’t as deep as the SEC, even if it’s not as good at the top.

Of all the upsets last weekend, it was the Pac 12 that stood out the most, and it wasn’t even close. Every team that was ranked in the conference and played lost. To be fair, Stanford lost to Notre Dame, a non-conference team. But there were three other ranked teams that played unranked Pac 12 teams and lost. It was by far the craziest Saturday for a conference you could ever witness. Every single game was close.

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Seriously, how often do you have a weekend when the Top 4 teams in the conference all lose, and the margin of victory in six different games is 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, 5 points, and 7 points? That’s absolutely ridiculous. If you didn’t stay up to watch Pac-12 football Saturday, you missed out on a heck of a lot of fun. Nothing has likely ever been witnessed like that before for any conference in college football.

And it completely shook up our power rankings. With only one undefeated team now, and a bunch of 1-loss teams along with a couple of 2-loss teams, we have enough evidence to rank these teams confidently right now. They are again based on record, head to head, how they looked most recently, schedule strength, and style points as a tiebreaker.

So in completely different form from last week and with possibly another major shakeup on the horizon this week, here are our Week 6 Pac 12 Power Rankings.

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