Oklahoma-Kansas State Decided by a Kicker: Everything Wrong With Football


For those of you who saw the Oklahoma-Kansas State game, I need to get this out of the way. I’m no Oklahoma fan. Trevor Knight is a flat-out scrub, and despite 318 yards on Saturday, it doesn’t change the fact that he can’t play. He had an interception that can’t be ignored that cost the Sooners the game.

That being said, Oklahoma still lost 31-30 to Kansas State due to the stupidest gimmick in football: kicking. The field goal is the dumbest part of football. Why should America’s greatest game played by athletes who shove and hit and fight and scratch and claw each other be decided by somebody with a specific skill with no football ability? Kicking is a joke.

Oklahoma lost because Michael Hunnicutt had an extra point blocked and missed two field goals. He is going to get hate. he is going to get criticism. And he deserves every bit of it.

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Kickers get a full ride to college to perform one job: make your field goals. Hunnicutt not only failed in that. He failed in making an extra point. And then he failed to make a 19-yard field goal. Why am I supposed to feel bad for a guy who failed to do the one job he has? The one job that allowed him a full ride to campus?

Kicking is a flat out joke. No, these guys are not athletes. They are not tough players. They don’t have to get hit. Yet they get a full ride to college to play the most brutal game America has ever known. And then when they sit there and miss easy kicks, we’re supposed to feel sorry for them?


Hunnicutt deserves no sympathy. In fact, the university should sue him for its money back. He lost the game by himself against Kansas State on Saturday, and he alone is a pathetic excuse for a college football player. He can join Cade Foster among players, specifically kickers, who deserve nothing.

And please, don’t consider him an athlete who just made a mistake. He had one job, he had a full ride to college to do that job, and he failed miserably at that job. Don’t give him any support.