Last Chance U releases its official trailer, return date for Season 5

Last Chance U has released its official trailer and announced a July 28 return date for Season 5 at Laney College in California.

All good things must come to an end and that has never been more true than on Tuesday morning when Last Chance U debuted its official trailer and Season 5 debut date on Netflix.

Last Chance U has been one of the most popular shows on Netflix over the past few years and it may not be coming to an end, but it’s switching gears to basketball only starting in 2021. This was met with plenty of negative reactions from fans of the docuseries.

While basketball may be the new direction, there’s still one more new season of football coming at the end of July which was announced by the official Twitter account on Tuesday.

“The Final Season” of Last Chance U’s football focus will be released on July 28 on Netflix and that usually means at midnight PST. So if you’re out east, you’d have to wait until 3 a.m. ET to watch the show early on July 28. The most dedicated of fans will do just that.

Laney College is the focus this season after two years at Independence C.C. and the two previous years were at East Mississippi C.C. It’s tough to tell from the trailer if it’s going to be as wild as the first four seasons but it’ll definitely provide some intrigue.

Last Chance U gone too soon

While the series isn’t completely disappearing, shifting its focus to basketball in 2021, the fact that this will no longer be the appetizer to every football season is a tough pill to swallow.

This is what held college football fans over from July to August and leading up to the season but now we’ll have to find something else. Maybe those who loved Last Chance U can turn their sights to QB1: Beyond the Lights.

Last Chance U will go down as one of the best shows to ever come out on Netflix and the fanbase it attracted was growing by the year. This is a show (football-wise) that is gone too soon.

Maybe after 2021’s basketball-only show, it’ll realize that it needs to go the football route again.

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