Last Chance U, Season 5: Where is RJ Stern now?

Last Chance U’s newest season has hit Netflix and new fan favorites are breaking through. Where is fan favorite RJ Stern today?

If you’re like the rest of us football-hungry sports fans, you’ve been binge-watching the newest season of Last Chance U on Netflix.

Season 5 of the popular docu-series was released on Tuesday and it’s chronicling the lives of student athletes at Laney College in California.

Fan favorites such as Dior Walker-Scott and Rejzohn Wright have made themselves known early in the season. Dior is a humble athlete who started as an electric receiver and took over at quarterback when three were injured to start the year. He also lives out of his car and works hard for every penny he makes which makes him easy to root for. Wright is on the cockier side of things but he’s fun to watch because he’s incredibly talented — and he knows it.

There are other fan favorites such as RJ Stern, a talented wide out who has been dubbed the “veteran” of the team as constant jokes are made about him being with Laney for 10-plus years.

The 2018 season was supposed to be Stern’s last at Laney, but an injury forced him to redshirt and he returned in 2019 to try and earn a Division 1 scholarship. He was fun to watch and was a likable kid and he earned some looks from bigger colleges.

So where is Stern now?

Stern didn’t earn any Division 1 offers unfortunately and he’s now enrolled as Tusculum University in Greenville, Tenn., on a full-ride scholarship.

Tusculum is a Division 2 school and he’s scheduled to graduate in 2022.

Not too shabby for a kid who has fought through injuries throughout his career and has been overlooked more often than not.

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