SEC Football Power Rankings, Week 2: LSU plummets, Georgia shows grit

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Week 1 of SEC football brought us a few surprises at the top and the bottom and helped us figure out the middle of the conference.

Before we get into the rankings, let me say this, if some of these teams don’t figure it out and soon, they may become the laughing stock of the conference.

Now, let’s talk power rankings, starting at the bottom — rock bottom, if you will.

887. . 0-1. Previous: 14th. Commodores . 14. team

The Commodores don’t move down only because they cannot physically get any lower. Remember when I said there was nowhere to go but up? I was wrong; I was very wrong.

They lost to ETSU on Saturday 23-3. It was abysmal to watch and just straight-up embarrassing. I understand that they are good at baseball and all, but jeez they are making the conference look bad. They play Colorado State this week and, well, maybe things will get better?

1-0. Previous: 12th. Bulldogs . 13. team. 893.

Mississippi State may be sitting at 1-0, but they were oh so close to being 0-1, winning by just one point and needing a major comeback in the fourth quarter to do so against the likes of Louisiana Tech. That’s straight-up embarrassing and they need to do better.

I expect Miek Leach and Co. to make some changes this week as they face off against NC State, but I don’t anticipate them making it to 2-0.