Commitments, visits, and trends for transfer portal quarterbacks

Breaking down the latest commitments, trends, and visits concerning transfer portal quarterbacks.
Ohio State v Michigan
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If you're having a hard time keeping up with all the news regarding transfer portal quarterbacks, you aren't alone.

Things have been crazy. Whether it's commitments, visits, trends, or what have you, the quarterback carousel is spinning in overdrive.

On Wednesday, there were a couple of commitments. There was also a major change with former Ohio State starter Kyle McCord, as well as a Maalik Murphy entering the transfer portal.

Here's a look at the latest news regarding transfer portal quarterbacks and what it all means.

What happened with Kyle McCord?

McCord to Nebraska felt like a done deal. All of the expert projections were trending that way, plus he was on a visit. Then, the Dylan Raiola stuff started hitting. Nebraska football seems poised to flip the five-star quarterback from Georgia.

It's possible that spooked McCord who said he is now considering other schools. Maybe there wasn't enough NIL money for Nebraska to pay for two five-star quarterbacks from the transfer portal. Either way, the former Ohio State starter is back on the market.

Nebraska now has to put its eggs in the basket of Dylan Raiola. Chubba Purdy is still on the roster, plus the Huskers could seek a one-year starter in the tranfser portal, someone like Dequann Finn of Toledo.

But it will be fascinating to watch over the next few days as Raiola is supposed to visit Nebraska football this weekend. Can the Huskers pull off one of the biggest flips in college footbal recruiting history? We shall see.

But it's needed, especially now that McCord isn't coming.