Art Briles Looks Pathetic in Baylor Bears Cotton Bowl Loss to Michigan State Spartans

Hey Art Briles, does Baylor still belong in the College Football Playoff?

Instead of spending all the time whining about being left out, maybe you should have spent more time coaching your players to hold onto the lead.

A 34-14 lead should be easy to control. And when Michigan State turns the ball over in the process of trying to come back, he should be able to coach enough to hold on.

But he couldn’t.

Yes, you blame the players, but in this situation you also have to blame the coach. And Briles double-failed by this.

Briles spent the entire month of December complaining about the fact that his team was left out of the College Football Playoff. Of course, he conveniently ignored that his Bears played by far the weakest out of conference schedule, lost to unranked West Virginia, and needed a terrible pass interference call to beat TCU at home.

And he also forgot to focus on the Cotton Bowl against Michigan State. The result was a New Year’s Embarrassment.

This is why Art Briles will never be Gary Patterson. When TCU was left out of the game despite the fact that their only loss was on the road to the Bears by a field goal when there were two unfair calls that went against them, Patterson didn’t complain.

He accepted what happened, praised the selection committee, and had his kids ready to play Ole Miss in their bowl game. The result was a 42-3 blowout against one of the SEC powers.

Meanwhile, Baylor couldn’t hold off a team based on clock management and long drives. How do you give up a 20-point lead to a team like Michigan State, who can’t every score quickly?

And how can you not score late in the game against a Michigan State defense that hasn’t stopped a spread offense all year with new linebackers?

You do that because you spent too much time crying about being left out of the playoff and not enough time trying to win a game to prove you belong.

Oh, and you didn’t belong anyway.

Meanwhile, TCU, who made a case to show it belongs in the College Football Playoff, did not utter a word about it.

So here’s my advice to you Art Briles: schedule somebody not worse than a high school team out of conference, and maybe have your team ready to play unranked teams on the road.

That would be a good start to not being a total loser who can’t get to the College Football Playoff.

For the record, you’ve done a great job turning around the program. But right now, you look as pathetic as Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby.